All about amig – elevator solutions made in Germany

When it comes to the planning of elevators, we are your independent team of experts – from the initial concept to commissioning. With our joint expertise of over 50 years in this area, we – Rudi Becker and Patrick Müller, the founders of amig – have the technical and logistic know-how and knowledge of the market, to provide you with the installation that meets all building-specific requirements and your personal needs – also in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

Your amig team of experts

The amig GmbH & Co. KG was founded in November by Rudi Becker and Patrick Müller. Both are longstanding experts in the lift industry and combine several decades of expertise in elevator planning. Both have realised several national and international projects.
Rudi Becker, owner of the AMiG individual company, has been active in the lift industry for over 30 years. With his vast expertise and knowledge, he plans and realises numerous installations for well-known customers.

Patrick Müller has worked for over 24 years in the lift industry. He spent eight years as managing partner of a renowned medium-sized company and was responsible for seven subsidiaries of an internationally active company for the last couple of years. Now, they jointly realise innovative, efficient and reliable elevator and conveyor systems for your building-specific and personal requirements – also in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

Trust the independent amig team of experts

An individual and customised concept for the internal transportation and traffic architecture of a building is paramount to fully access its capacities. The availability of the building has major impact on its efficiency. Never rely on the information from the producers solely, when choosing the perfect transportation system for your building– for reasons of objectivity it is wise to get a second opinion and consult an independent expert who not only has the technicalknow-how and expertise, but also the knowledge about the market in this very specific field.