Our Code of Conduct is our cornerstone

Our code of conduct embodies our corporate principles on which our daily work is based. Being in compliance with our corporate principles is a core element of how we conduct our business.

Our rules of compliance not only ensure that our services are in accordance with national and international laws, they also include fair and respectful conduct towards our customers, business partners and competitors.

The basic principles of our Code of Conduct

  • We waive all promises, warranties of gifts or other contributions towards the employees of our clients or third parties working directly or indirectly for our clients which are linked to procurement and acquisition.
  • We do not – in any way – exert any unfair influence on employees or third parties working directly or indirectly for our clients, within the framework for the possible award of contracts.
  • We do not enter into restrictive agreements with other bidders, business partners and/or suppliers.
  • When determining requirements and performing our services, we focus on the economically sensible scope for our customers.
  • We disclose – unsolicited – close personal relationships with employees of our clients, which are directly or indirectly involved in the awarding of contracts, if these relationships could lead to conflicts of interest.