Make the right choices with our traffic surveys

Executing detailed traffic surveys is one of our core-competences. Traffic surveys are paramount in order to find out the capacities the elevators have to handle. You need precise and detailed information before you can make an economically wise decision.

We ask all important questions and based on that information, we collect the data. But nevertheless, it is important to us to keep the number of elevators in your building as low as possible by optimising the synergy of intelligent arrangements, technological specifications and estimated and calculated transport capacities.

Traffic surveys for maximum functionality and efficiency

Our comprehensive consultation empowers you to make the right choices – from the beginning. Too many elevators have a negative impact on the efficiency of a building, but if their number is too little, there is a negative impact as well.

Our aim is to enable the best possible usability and availability of your building – by intelligently applying the best technology without creating unnecessary costs. This is where our extensive expertise from more than two decades of working in the lift industry comes into play.

Important criteria for the selection of passenger elevators

There are special requirements for passenger elevators. They have to be efficient, comfortable and appealing at the same time. That is why the following aspects should be considered in the concept:

  • the mean waiting time according to your individual quality requirements and standards
  • low time loss at elevator stops
  • minimum number of stops until destination
  • comfortable and appealing design of the car with regard to privacy
  • realisation and implementation of your individual standards

The right conceptualisation – from the beginning

Adequate conceptualisation is paramount to reach the best possible outcome for your building infrastructure. That is why we carefully examine the architecture of your building before we start our work. The collected data is then, as the second step, put in proportion to the desired use of the building to determine the possible passenger and freight traffic. Once the results are available, we determine the reasonable dimension, positioning and type.

When collecting and calculating the data, we use our entire expertise, know-how and state-of-the art technologies and simulation programmes.

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