Die amig Vorteile –
Aufzugsplanung vom Spezialisten

We know what it takes to design, install and implement smart and innovative elevator solutions. Benefit from our extensive experience in this area – more than five decades, if you put it all together. Why should you settle for less? You can put your trust and your building project in the hands of renowned specialists!

Our high expertise in the technical and economic aspects in this area is your guarantee for comprehensive consulting, planning and realisation of your project – with noticeable impact on the functionality, economy and efficiency of your entire facility.

The dedication to our high standards and benchmarks, when it comes to quality, service, customer orientation and sustainability, ensure the best possible results for your projects.

Economical, durable and affordable – benefit from numerous amig-advantages

Increase the economic features of your building: lift design with regard to higher profitability.

Your building should not only fulfil all your expectations concerning the different functionalities, it should also be as profitable as possible. To achieve this combination of economic efficiency and functionality – also in terms of maintenance – we include this focus from the outset. Due to our longstanding experience and the use of state-of-the art planning tools and simulation systems we are able to deliver detailed and building-specific demand forecasts – to which we can deliver the objectively fitting bids of different manufactures, in the second step.

Made to last: elevator planning with regard to longevity and sustainability.

From new buildings to modernisation works: your lift system should do what it is supposed to do for the next couple of decades to come – and that without any problems. And in that sense of sustainability, we combine the synergies of the performance features of all transportation technologies in your building.

Reach the intended destination quickly – low time losses at elevator stops

The efficiency of a building depends to a high extend from its internal infrastructure. It is important to visitors to reach their intended destination quickly and without high waiting times. We can plan and configure the performance of your elevators and thus minimise the time losses at elevator stops, by carefully selecting and combining the right components. That way we meet your personal and individual quality requirements towards the acceptable waiting times and time losses at elevator stops.

Objective assessments and evaluations

As independent experts we stand for high objectivity. Our longstanding experience and knowledge of the elevator market and business enables us to deliver competent assessments and evaluations of the different service and product bids. Therefor, our recommendations are always manufacturer-neutral and tailored to your individual needs. To us, that is the only way to make economically smart choices and to eventually achieve the best results.

Fair competition while ensuring the best possible price

Our detailed service description ensures fair competition and you – as initiator and client – will benefit from that. We firmly believe that fair competition ensures the best possible price.