We keep you moving with escalators and moving walks

Elevators are not automatically the best transportation solutions for buildings. Sometimes, due to the architecture of a building, escalators and moving walks are more suitable – and they are also part of our portfolio.

Our expertise in this field of passenger transportation ensures the optimal escalator or moving walk for your building and demands, so you get exactly what you need at running costs, that are as low as possible.

Handle high passenger volumes more quickly

Escalators and moving walks turn out to be a smart solution when it comes to quickly and reliably moving high passenger volumes in buildings. That is why you usually find them in airports, train stations, shopping centres or public buildings like philharmonic halls and concert halls – e.g the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany.

In perfect harmony: safety, comfort and appealing design

All our concepts focus on passenger safety and security, comfort and an appealing design. Escalators and moving walks turn out to be smooth and quiet means of transport, once they are integrated and installed properly – and in addition to that, an appealing design makes them an eye catcher that attracts the attention of the visitors of the building.