Elevators – planning and implementation with amig

We are your competent partner for elevators and other conveyor systems – for new facilities and the modernisation of existing buildings.

We plan and implement:

  • passenger elevators, bed elevators and fire brigade lifts
  • freight elevators and car lifts
  • goods lifts, simplified freight elevators as well as container- and small-freight-elevators
  • special installations of all kind and building hoists

Boost the value of your estate – with the right elevator

The usability of a buildig and with that its economic aspects highly depend on its infrastructure. The amount of people or goods and the speed with which these can be transported to a certain destination within, is an important performance feature of the building.

It is all about minimizing the waiting periods and achieving the expected destination as quickly as possible.
That is why any building projects, that require elevators or conveyor systems, need tailored and individual concepts for the internal transportation architecture.

Due to our expertise, we plan and implement the system that meets your needs perfectly, ensure maximum functionality and thus boost the value of your estate.

Innovative elevators with maximum performance

Using state-of-the-art technology is no longer sufficient to boost the economic features and appeal of a building. You have to put the benefits and the costs of an elevator system into perspective and focus on its reliability.

As successful experts in elevator planning, we can show you the technical differences of elevator and other conveyor systems and also explain their pros and cons under economic aspects.

Amig offers you a transportation concept which is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, while focussing on the positive impact of an innovative elevator system on the visitors of the building.

From new buildings to modernisations

We are not only experts when it comes to design, build and install elevator systems. We also take care of necessary and adequate maintenance and modernisation of existing systems.

Usually, the building itself gets older than its internal transportation system and eventually, the system has to be maintained and modernised. The elevator systems have to pass security tests and fulfil the continuously growing demands and requirements in regard to performance, functionality, profitability and efficiency.

Our manufacturer-independent consultations do not end with us recommending what should be done, we also recommend when it should be done – under economic aspects.