Our services for you: step one, a traffic survey for a consultation that is tailored to your needs.

Due to our extensive experience in the lift industry at AMiG and our innovative elevator planning, you can also benefit from numerous additional services. Our service portfolio does not only contain competent and comprehensive consulting for your individual conveyor system, but also – amongst many other services – independent technical reports, bid evaluations and preliminary traffic surveys to identify the special requirements of your building. So, with AMiG, you will always achieve the best outcome of your building projects and modernisations.

Comprehensive consulting for fitting conveyor technology

As leading and independent experts in elevator planning we always consult comprehensively and individually in all segments of conveyor technology. You will benefit from our expertise that we gained in more than 25 years of working in the lift industry and project realisation. We know the market – on national and international level – and focus not only on technical aspects, but also on efficiency. So you can be assured to get the conveyor system that meets your standards and requirements relating to profitability, efficiency, innovation and design.

Project processing from preliminary planning to property related services

No matter what construction stage you are in – you are in the best hands with AMiG. We are by your side from the first consultation throughout all planning and implementation stages to property related services after the project is completed. Our project processing includes phase 1-9 of the HOAI (LPH 1-9 HOAI Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieurleistungen, a German engineering service fee standard). Due to our long experience, we have an overview of every single phase and thus pave the way for an optimal and smooth course of your project.

Independent technical reports in disputable situations

Do you need a second opinion or an independent technical report? Since we work independently from manufacturers in the elevator and conveyor industry, we can always provide objective reports to all questions, challenges and problems related to your facility.

Comprehensive traffic surveys for maximum efficiency and profitability

Traffic surveys are amongst our core-competences. If you want to determine the appropriate number and size of the elevator systems, knowing the number of people that have to be transported in your building at specific times is paramount. Therefor, our traffic surveys are the cornerstone of the efficiency and profitability of your future elevator system.

Detailed service specifications for fair competition

We offer detailed service specifications to give you an overview and full transparency on the services that are necessary in the course of your project and of the associated costs. That simplifies calculation and helps you to select the best offer.

Find the best offers

Keeping an eye on the market developments and finding the best offer for one’s project can be tough at times. In addition to that – when it comes to the success of your project – you should not solely rely on the information provided by the manufacturer. As independent experts we objectively evaluate the entire information and compare all offers in question. That way you can be assured to get the highest quality at a fair price.

Comprehensive services

Wir versprechen Ihnen nicht nur die gewünschte Leistung, sondern überprüfen auch im Detail, inwieweit die Leistungen im Vertragssinne eingehalten und erfüllt wurden. Darüber hinaus begutachten und dokumentieren wir sämtliche Wartungs- und Serviceleistungen. So ist eine hohe Leistungsfähigkeit Ihrer Aufzüge garantiert – von Anfang an und über viele Jahre hinweg.

Our services at a glance:

  • comprehensive consultations in all areas concerning conveyor technology
  • project processing from phase 1-9 of the HOAI (LPH 1-9 HOAI Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieurleistungen; German engineering service fee standard)
  • independent technical reports in disputable situations
  • traffic surveys
  • examination and evaluation of the information provided by the manufacturer
  • bid comparison and evaluation
  • verification of the performance in relation to the performance of the contract
  • examination and recording of maintenance and service activities